About us

Who the hell do we think we are anyway?

This blog is written first as travel notes to myself, and second as a “home game” version for friends and family.  If, by the mysterious workings of the universe and the internet, someone who doesn’t know our story is tuning in, here are some more or less random ideas about who we are.

Maer (that’s me) and Mark, worked hard, saved hard, got lucky, retired early. Woke up to the fact that no one ever gets any younger and implemented the “someday” plan, as in: someday we will take off and see the world with little or no agenda. At first, a 10 week trip was a long time, then 3 months. Then a 9 month test-drive trip to decide if we wanted to sell the house, get rid of the stuff and cast off into the wider world.  Which is in fact what we did.  One thing didn’t go according to plan however; a foot injury while hiking. Being laid up made me realize the benefits of having a home base. It  would mean we could still travel, but we wouldn’t have to.   Thus the “tiny house”, a 220 square foot apartment in the 11th arrondisement of Paris, our base for exploring Europe (for now). Update: 5 years later our base is not a tiny Paris apartment, but a vast one in Montpellier. {{Shrug}}

We see getting lost as a virtue to be cultivated. That means going  beyond what makes a place special, staying put a bit longer and digging around to find the less showy virtues. The Let’s Get Lost game is how we find those misprized places.

Disclaimers: We reserve the right to go off map. All plans are subject to change without notice. Do try this at home kids.

For amusement purposes only.