A one-way ticket to Paris

I love that sense-sharpened feeling of arriving in a new place. Taking it all in, eyes wide open, as you work on getting the lay of the land. Then there’s the auto-pilot fog of the middle of your stay, the comfort of familiarity. On leaving, you have the same acute awareness as the very beginning, but you’re trying to soak everything in and imprint your impressions to memory. Revisiting all the places you’ve been, focusing on the things you’ve done, the fun you’ve had. I’m getting sentimental about Montpellier, now that we’re moving on and the countdown has been launched. There are things I won’t miss, that’s for sure, all places are a mix of good and bad. Montpellier has been a wonderful place to land during this most uncertain year.

We’ll miss our friends most of all, not to mention the overall friendliness of the people here.

Clockwise: Xavier, Sylvie, a couple of jamokes, Paul, and Paula

The kitties at the lovely botanic garden. Don’t worry about the kitties. Yes, they’re strays but they have a good life. They have nice shelter boxes, they’re spayed and neutered and well-fed. People line up to pet them and to lend them a lap.

Our friend Kate and her friend
My gruff pal Nestor

Our happy place along the Lez river and bird-watching

The sunshine, the quality of light, and the endlessly fascinating sky view from our 7th floor apartment

Double rainbow!

Walking around the medieval center

Place de la Comedie and especially the bulbous top of the building called Le Scapandrier, the deep-sea diver.

The markets, particularly the one under the old aqueduct

All the crazy-great places within easy day-trip reach of the city, lots and lots of them already covered here on the blog.

The sea!
The magnificent Roman aqueduct, Pont du Gard
Just your basic 12th century chapel out in the middle of nowhere
Endless villages to explore

We’re sad to go, but it’s necessary. Paris is a better base for us, for many reasons. And there’s no moving forward without endings. We’re not ready to settle down yet. Even in these Covid-uncertain times, we want a base, not a home. Stay tuned.


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