From indecision to out the door, 2 days

In our last episode, we were in Italy. Was it just November? That’s almost 6 years ago in Covid time. Time crawls.

I meant to write about Turin, a place we were much surprised by, as well as our decision to go back to Paris and then wheel right around and head to the Pyrenees, and then to Montpellier for Thanksgiving with friends. And maybe I will still write about that someday. Afterwards we went back to Paris, thinking we were going to settle in for a little while before heading to the US for a Christmas visit. But like everyone else in the world, we ran into the wall that is omicron and plans were dashed again. How many more Greek letters will we have to get through before it will all be over? Just kidding, there’s no getting this behind us. We’re now on planet b, there’s no going back. Reality has shifted. We can shift with it and adapt or we can flail and rage. Or both, depending on our mood.

Like everyone else, we are watching the inexorable march of the new variant trying to calculate what it means for our lives while the real data trickles in. Numbers are rising and until very recently there was nothing to go on but speculation and reading tea leaves. Will the deeper levels of vaccine immunity hold up in the face of omicron? France is rather well vaccinated, at almost 90% of eligible people fully dosed. Will the boosters hold up, and for how long? Once omicron hit, France opened up boosters to all adults, 40% now have three shots. But the most important question for us was, could we face a grey Paris winter in our dollhouse apartment? Because the tiny digs are a vestige of the old world, one where Paris was our living room and where travel was simple.

After obsessively reading my favorite epidemiologists, we came to the conclusion that it was safe enough to go somewhere while were in the immunity sweet-spot of our 3rd shots. Our lives are now measured out by doses.

But where to go? In Italy, I made the rash and fate-provoking statement that I wanted to go exclusively to places new to us in the coming year. We muttered and made ourselves mad with travel ideas for January when we caught wind that the French government was not ruling out implementing new restrictions or even another curfew to slow the spread and spare the hospitals. Which would mean our neighbor from hell would surely go back to his hell-raising, all-night, curfew-defying parties. Because as the world is discovering, not everyone is a team player. Friends advised us that if we wanted not to get stuck in tiny hell, we should make haste.

Haste was made, friends. We’re now in Seville for 6 weeks, a favorite place we’ve been to many times. We chose the comfort of familiarity for uncertain times. We arrived on Christmas. We don’t do presents anymore but this is a real gift.

It’s warm. It’s beautiful. Life is lived out of doors. We have a number of friends here. We’re walking around grinning like idiots that we get to be here now. The future is a worry for another day.

Cheers my dears, hope all is well where you are.



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