I read someone who said their French teacher was railing on Americans (as the French are wont to do. But you have to admit, the Americans give as good as the get on that front). She said the difference between Americans and French people is that Americans live in avoir (to have) and faire (to do, to make), whereas the French live in être (to be). I told my former  Paris neighbor Julie about it, and she said, I think I live more in aller (to go). I said I was going to steal that, and so I have. I picture myself someday contentedly être-ing around, but for now the mood is definitely aller!

For this missive I’m just going to post photos of the wonderful, weird world we’ve been exploring lately.

Madrid.  Christmas isn’t over until Three Kings Day, the 6th of January.  It was confusing when we arrived on the 3rd to find ourselves in the full throes of Christmas carols and unnaturally colored treats.





Here a wig shop is getting into the spirit, but someone needs to break it to them that their 3 kings are in fact queens.



Nothing weird about this one, I just like the traditional neighborhoods of Madrid.


Then we were off to Ronda, where Mark promptly got sick with a stomach flu.  We have a rule however, we’re not allowed to get sick simultaneously.  😉  I followed his example a few days later.  I missed the majority of my intensive Spanish classes, desafortunadamente.

Ronda is one of the pueblos blancos (white villages) of Andalusia.  It was originally settle by the Celts.  It was our third visit there.  I never get tired of walking around Ronda with my mouth agape.









Amply recovered and taking in the Moorish baths


Our apartment had this poster of the moon.  (Here I am falling asleep under it, as one should.)  Mark had a Skype call with his French conversation partner who thought it was a poster of a tortilla!

IMG-9615.jpgGoodnight and may the great tortilla shine down on you!