Friends old and new and somewhere in between

Someone recently asked what my ambitions were for this blog. I said what ambitions? I have none. The only reason it’s even a blog and not just a letter in your inbox is because half of you have email programs that won’t handle so many photographs and I am far too lazy to figure it out. It’s not google-able, I have done nothing to be findable in a search. It’s not a side-hustle (a term I detest). But lately I’ve been wondering if I shouldn’t be more public? After all, I met our friend Julie through her blog. She and Pat had just arrived in Paris on a one-year visa when Mark and I were doing our 9 month test drive trip. We met for coffee, and then they invited us to their place for lunch later that week. We would become next-door neighbors. Julie was so helpful when I was applying for our visa that when Luckydog bloggers Paul and Paula wrote a post about applying, I sent a note saying that I’d be happy to give my two cents if they had any questions. We chatted via email for a few months and then we met up with them in Montpellier. We only overlapped by a week or so before they were off to Seville, but go figure, that’s where we were heading after Madrid and Ronda so we caught up with them there. The P’s asked if we’d like to go to a Democrats Abroad event in Seville, hosted by their friend Karen, and by the way did we know Karen’s blog Enjoy Living Abroad? Hell yes, I’d been reading her for years! That event led to lunch a few days later with others of their group, which led to a dive bar tour a few days after that. So between our new expat friends and several friends passing through Seville in search of a little sun, we have had a full dance card. We’ve been more social the past 3 weeks than the past 3 months! I’m a bit of an introvert so I’m going to need a silent retreat after all this, but for now it’s an enjoyable change.


Our SF pal  Spark, plus bloggers Paula, Paul, and Karen on our dive bar tour.


This bar was a welcome breath of sacrilegious air in overly Catholic Spain.


One of the visiting sun-seekers, our friend Michel

PHOTO-2020-02-05-16-54-41.jpgParis friends Tish and Joel are passing through as well.

But enough of snapshots of people you may or may not know. How’s Seville?  Lovely.




There’s a cathedral.  There’s always a cathedral.


Two of our favorites for doing the tapas bop.


The Metropol Parasol, otherwise known as Las Setas, or mushrooms.  I’d assumed this was part of some 1970’s urban renewal project.  Turns out it’s a boondoggle from 2011.


Mark and the barber of Seville.  I told Mark that if we lived here, I would make him get a weekly trim so I could chat with the very chatty Manuel.  I would be fluent in no time!

IMG_20200124_103418032_HDR.jpgGiant leeches? No, it’s a local treat, candied sweet potatoes.  I haven’t gotten up the nerve to try one.


Till next time!  See you!  Cheers!